Why the UAE are Banning Hookah?

March 26, 2014

Hookah is an oriental tobacco pipe used for smoking. It contains a long and flexible tube that draws smoke through a bowl containing water. Hookah contains nicotine responsible for addiction. It is less addictive but is more harmful than cigarettes. Hookahs are used to smoke flavored tobacco.

Hookah smoking is being replaced by newer electronic cigarettes that will reduce people’s health risks. This is the future of shisha and hookah. Hookah is also referred to as water pipe, argileh, narghile, shisha, goza and hubble-bubble.

In the UAE, a tough rule has been imposed on shisha cafes. The rule has restricted shisha smoking to a distance of not less than 150 meters from all residential places, populated neighborhoods, mosques, schools and other areas that are considered safe for the general public.

The rule has taken effect this year after being passed late last year. The move came after a joint coordinated meeting between the Abu Dhabi Authority for Tourism and Culture, Department of Municipal Affairs, the Health Authority Abu Dhabi and the Department of Economic Development.

Some of the reasons cited during the meeting were the facts that hookah smoking put the general public at risk of contracting chronic diseases. Smokers in the world today believe that hookah smoking is less dangerous that cigarette smoking. This is true to some extent, but the fact remains that hookah carries most of the toxic chemicals contained in cigarettes.

The meeting resolved that apart from banning the act of smoking in public, they also needed to educate the general public on the dangers of smoking. The opening hours of shisha cafes in UAE were also reduced. Cafes are also prohibited from selling hookah to underage smokers; smokers below 18 years of age. UAE resolved that the distance between two smokers had to be two square meters.

Best Shisha Bars In The EU

February 12, 2014

Shisha has become increasingly popular among teenagers nowadays. Because of the rising concerns against the use of tobacco and ciagerette—due to the conclusive studies that it causes negative effects on the body—people have been trying to find an alternative product they could use in lieu of the usual and traditional ones.

Shisha or the hookah, is not a new product. However, it is only gaining its popular outside Middle East countries. Originally from the Middle East, the use of shisha or hookah has been a long time favorite past-time activity of people from the natives from such place. In almost every country, like India, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, among others, one could find many shisha lounges.

Because of cross-cultural influences, the use of Shisha or hookah furthered to other countries. We can now either see people enjoying shisha or places that offer shisha. Even in Europe where it was once known to be a cigarette-loving place. Because of the health risks poised by the continued usage of cigarettes, people are now keen on finding a better alternative to it, thus the increased use of shisha and the hookah.

Best shisha?

It can be quite unfortunate for someone looking for the best shisha place in Europe if you fell into a place that only offers mediocre experience, it may be a horrific experience for you. It may even cost you on not to look forward to your future experiences of shisha or hookah.

However, if you will just try to look for the right place, you can do so by the following steps:

  1. You could ask your friends for their recommendations about the right or best shisha place in Europe.
  2. You may search for it over the the internet and read about the different recommendations and reviews offered by people who were able to experiences these different shisha places in Europe.
  3. You may try your luck by reading newspapers and magazines for they offer periodic reviews of the restaurants or shisha places in town.

Top 3 in Europe

For those that were able to find their satisfying experience of shisha here in Europe, here are the top three places they have recommended for those people who are bent on trying Shisha and Hookah:

  1. La Comedia Urban Club in Madrid– It is more than a shisha lounge, but people are going there for the total entertainment it gives to its client. There are some dancing and great drinks, and a wide array of music you can choose from. There is a separate area exclusive for people who would want to puff shisha.
  2. Sciam in Rome– Despita largely Catholic, Rome has started to embrace some of the culture of Middle East—just like the shisha experience. The place offers a great interior with a Mediterranean feeling that would make you feel you are like in a Middle East country.
  3. Soho in Barcelona– Situated in the most beautiful city in Spain, people frequent Soho in Barcelone. It offers not only unique shisha experience but great leather cushions that you can just very well enjoy. Added to that are the beautiful music and mixes that the DJ is playing.

So if you ever wander around Europe, make sure you get the best of it!